Money transfers

Transferring money through an exchanger is becoming an increasingly common service for Ukrainians. Due to the forced migration of citizens of our country caused by the Russian invasion, international money transfers are in increasing demand.

However, at the same time, the procedure for processing money transfers through Internet banking has become more complicated, which is due to the introduction of additional requirements for banking institutions regarding document flow and limiting amounts.

Our exchanger successfully sells a wide range of
financial services for more than 4 years, specializes in foreign exchange and provides money transfer services with both cash and electronic money throughout Ukraine and in many countries around the world.

Rate and applicable commissions

Our company, due to its specialization, always offers optimal conversion rates. We make money transfers using the best exchange rates and using a wide range of possible currencies.

AnyExchange’s marketing division conducts a thorough and multi-directional analysis of market data, and all offered quotes are updated in real time. Basic fees are included in the course.

Additional costs that may arise depending on the type of financial transaction are always transparently displayed on the funds transfer application form. Our service guarantees that you will not incur additional costs, and you will see the financial result of the money transfer until the transfer order is activated.

Online money transfer directions

Our platform produces:

  • money transfers from Ukraine;
  • money transfers to Ukraine

Transferring money to (or from) Ukraine is possible if you are in any Ukrainian city, European, Asian and American countries. The list of regions that can participate in such operations is constantly expanding.

Our platform carries out both non-cash money transfers (when payment is made to a card or account) and cash transactions.


It is simple, intuitive and does not require confirmation of your identity. Registration on the site is not required.
Operations with electronic money are carried out according to a standard scheme.

Carrying out a cash transaction will require interaction with an operator. Let’s look at what the process looks like using its example (cash-to-cash trades).

  • On the tab with the application template, sеlect the sender’s country, city and currency in which it is convenient for you to make money as payment
  • Check the country and city of the recipient and the convenient currency to be issued.
  • Indicate the amount to be sent.
  • Make sure that the financial outcome of the transaction suits you. It will be calculated by the systеm automatically, taking into account all commission charges.
  • Enter your contact information (a minimum of it will be required, it is only needed for prompt communication with the operator).
  • Enter the answer to the captcha to confirm that you are not a robot.
  • sеlect the “Do not remember entered data” option if maintaining maximum confidentiality is important to you. In this case, the history of the performed operation will be deleted from the systеm memory automatically (upon its completion).
  • Activate your order by clicking on “Save.”
  • Contact the customer support manager using the “Ask a question” form or our official messenger in Telegram. This is necessary to ensure a cash reserve in the country of issue, as well as to coordinate the addresses of convenient cash desks. Our company has entered into agreements with large networks of offline exchange offices in all countries where the service operates. This allows clients to make payments and/or receive funds in a convenient location (not far from home or office). The option of ordering courier delivery is also available. In this case, collection and transportation of cash assets will be carried out without your physical participation.
  • Make payment by presenting your order code to the cashier.
  • Wait to receive confirmation of funds disbursement.

*Tracking of the transaction is available online on the “Application Status” page.

Advantages of our service
  • Multifunctionality. Our site conducts transactions with more than 100 currency pairs. We work with fiat currencies in cash and non-cash form and with digital assets. Transactions are closed with wallets of payment systems, the most popular bank cards and cash. You do not need to look for another service to carry out this or that type of financial transaction.
  • Speed. We close electronic money transfers in a matter of minutes. Other types of operations are completed within 24 hours at most (usually within a business day).
  • Anonymity and confidentiality. The platform does not aggregate personal data and does not require the provision of personal information (registration and verification) to close transactions.
  • Highly qualified and efficient support service. Our managers are always in quick contact, and they are true professionals. Their level of competence is constantly confirmed in customer reviews. You can be sure that if you ask any question about the operation of our platform through our online messengers, you will receive a quick and comprehensive answer.
  • Proven reputation. AnyExchange has been successfully operating in the international financial market for almost 5 years, and thousands of clients from around the world trust us. The image of the service is confirmed by leading positions in profile ratings and numerous recommendations on the network. The company’s management takes an open and transparent position and takes constant part in professional events (conferences, business meetings and exhibitions).
Guarantees and security

One of the main priorities in the work of our team is to ensure the complete correctness of all transactions and guarantee the safety of monetary assets and personal information of clients:

  • The site is technically equipped with the most modern tools to protect against hacker attacks and any other interference by third parties. The security of the transaction is guaranteed by an advanced systеm for protecting financial flows and personal data.
  • The company operates within the legal framework, is regulated by its norms and cooperates exclusively with legitimate financial organizations.
  • The user’s relationship with the service is described in detail and clearly in the service agreement and documents defining the security policy for transactions.
  • In case of disputes, a refund procedure is provided.
Loyalty program

It is important for us to maintain long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with users, therefore the site presents and successfully operates a loyalty program that allows our clients to save and/or receive passive income:

  • Registered participants in our systеm reduce their tariff depending on the volume of financial flows through their personal account.
  • The referral reward systеm allows you to receive passive income at a progressive rate (it can be withdrawn at a convenient time in a convenient currency).
  • On the website in the “News” section, as well as AnyExchange pages on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Telegram and YouTube), information about special offers valid for one or another type of monetary transaction is provided. In addition, you can always find a lot of useful information on our channels, which will allow you to quickly navigate the financial market more confidently and make only profitable transactions.
Thank you for your attention to our service. Make fast and reliable financial transactions with us on the best terms!