Are you interested in the exchange rate for the dollar, hryvnia, cryptocurrency and other monetary assets? On this page, you can see real-time selling and buying rates for cryptocurrencies. And also complete the procedure for exchanging electronic currencies for fiat, and vice versa. Our online exchanger offers fast service and favorable rates for each user.

How to buy, sell or exchange currencies at the real rate

To exchange crypto money for fiat or vice versa, you need to follow a simple instruction:

  1. Go to the right direction based on your requests. That is, choose which currency you will deposit and which one you are going to receive;
  2. Fill out the form, enter your data and the amount for the monetary transaction;
  3. Confirm your application.

After processing the submitted application by managers, all you have to do is deposit money and get the desired currency.

On our website you always see the real exchange rate, which is relevant at the moment. And it can be fixed for the duration of the operation.

Best Exchange Rates for OTC Trades

In addition to the usual foreign exchange transaction, our service provides OTC service – for large transactions. Allowing you to carry out cash transactions in real time without many intermediaries.

Currency exchange rates in an online exchanger today may have less favorable conditions. And by using the OTC service, you will get the most favorable exchange rate for buying or selling cryptocurrencies. Also an individual manager for transactions.