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Extra 0.5% in EUR for exchanging USDT in Berlin to 25.06

Dear customers!

A great offer for those who live in Berlin or want to send cash to relatives there. Exchange USDT on cash EUR in Berlin and get +0.5% more EUR. The offer is time-limited and it’s valid for only 14 days. So don’t hesitate to take advantage!

Promotion Terms

  1. Submit an application for exchange on our website:
  • TRC-20 → cash EUR
  • ERC-20 → cash EUR
    1. Send the application number and the promo code BERLIN to our support service to receive the discount.

    What’s the benefit?

    Let’s say you need to transfer 10 000 USDT at the rate of 1.073 USDT = 1 EUR. Therefore, the amount to be issued will be 9320 EUR. But with +0.5% bonus you will receive 9320 + 0.5% = 9367 EUR. So you will accrue +47 EUR for this transaction.

    If you have questions or need additional information, contact our support service . We will assist you with any inquiries.

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