Our online exchange AnyExchange provides high quality OTC (over the counter) services for over the counter financial transactions.

We have a personal approach to each client for fast and safe transactions for large amounts (usually from $20,000). And all OTC transactions are confidential and guarantee your anonymity.

List of OTC services from AnyExchange 

Choose any of the above options on the website. Our OTC specialists will quickly and efficiently fulfill any request.

Buying or selling cryptocurrency for cash in large amounts

You can wholesale or buy a lot of cryptocurrency in any city in Ukraine or Europe. And most importantly, at the most favorable rate on the market!

Safety first!

AnyExchange – provides a choice of collection place for an over-the-counter transaction. We will pick up or deliver cash to the specified location. It can be either a bank or a work office, or a hotel, cafe or restaurant. 

Each client of our service can replenish or cash out their crypto assets much easier and faster.

Electronic currency exchange

We provide the ability to quickly replenish e-currency accounts or withdraw from wallets for cash. We work with large amounts at the most favorable rates.

We work with the following payment systems:

  • Payeers

  • Skrill

  • Capitalist

  • Payoner

  • AdvCash
  • Perfect Money

Change cash-cash

Need to move large amounts of cash (dollars, euros or hryvnias) from anywhere in the world to another? Then order the cash-cash swap service. This OTC service will allow you to transfer a lot of cash from Ukraine abroad (to Europe, the USA or any other country) or back.

You can make a transfer in the following countries:

  • Ukraine
  • Kazakhstan
  • UAE
  • India
  • China
  • USA
  • Georgia
  • Turkey
  • UK
  • EU
  • Israel
  • Other

All our points of issue are always provided with sufficient cash reserves.

Internet banking or card transfers

AnyExchange provides services for transferring large amounts of money through Internet banking. We will be able to replenish or cash out Visa / MasterCard cards of any Ukrainian banks (MonoBank, Privat24, etc.), as well as cards of banks in Europe and other countries of the world.

Chinese Yuan (CNY) payments

We make transfers to China to cards or bank accounts. We provide the most favorable conditions for payments in yuan (CNY). 

AnyExcahange – Your financial guide to China.

Cashless payment: SWIFT/SEPA

This service allows you to transfer large amounts of non-cash dollars to bank accounts around the world through the SWIFT payment systеm. For payments in euros to EU bank accounts, the SEPA technical infrastructure is used. Also, if necessary, we use other payment gateways.

You just provide a bank account, and AnyExchange specialist will sеlect the most profitable and optimal transfer option for you.

Why is it profitable with us?

  • fixing the rate at the time of the transactionIt is possible to fix the rate at the time of the transaction.
  • Fast ticket processingQuick ticket processing.
  • Good rateFavorable rate.
  • Acceptable rate and flexible termsAcceptable rate and flexible terms.
  • Many destinations, close any requestMany directions, close any request.
  • Professional and fast supportProfessional and fast support.
  • Special conditions for loyal customersSpecial conditions for regular customers.